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    E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

    Custom briefcase with double layers of foam

    2020-05-29 10:26:20

    We have a client from Malaysia that we have cooperated for many years. Last month, the client told his colleagues in other departments that they also wanted custom cases.  
    The aluminum cases were designed to store and the form opening,  They’d like to have 2 different sizes, one is to store the chuck and the other one is to store the end effector. Both briefcases will have 2 layers of custom with the equipment opening stacked. They sent the drawing to us. See it as below:
    After we understood the client's requirements, we told the client that it’s regular and easy for us to customize the sponge as your drawing because the client needed 2 layers sponge, we immediately checked that they needed a removable divider in the middle of the box or not,  It’s more convenient. But the clients didn’t need it. We consider easier accessing the bottom custom foam purpose, we advise opening a small hole on the side of the top custom. They thought it’s a good idea.

    The client wanted to check the sample first, It’s okay for us.  We made every sample very seriously,  Firstly, According to the customer's size requirements, we did the Aluminum cutting and panel cutting. Meanwhile, we opened mold to custom foam as a drawing. Secondly, We assembled box body and fixed box, like the hinge, lock, rivet and so on by using a different machine, we have 20 sets of the riveting machine and 2 sets of the aluminum cutting machine. See pictures of the machine below. Finally, we pasted internal material, sewing EVA tray, removed surface dust, etc., Before the shipment, we did a comprehensive inspection of boxes, we must ensure that each box is qualified.
    In a short time, we finished the sample of the briefcase, see picture as follows. Any requests for the customized case would be welcomed.