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    E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

    Aluminum Vinyl Record Storage Case

    2021-07-07 15:28:30

    Our company designs an aluminum case which is for people who own a collection of LP records,  they piling their LPs on a shelf, but that is far from an ideal method for making sure your records do not get warped and scratched.

    Our Aluminum vinyl record storage case is what you need to store and protect your precious collection of vinyl. It is a handy, portable record box that provides a reliable way to store your LPs. Made with an aluminum frame and panel, each case has protective chrome effect trim on corners and all edges of the box. Each case can safely hold up to 50 records in its sleeves. It has a hinged lid with 2 closing clasps, in the style that retro suitcases were designed. Also, The aluminum storage case can hold around  70 x 1 2 inch vinyl records with heavy duty design and  Soft foam padding for record protection.

    Our factory specialized in designed for DJs and remixers, the silver innovative designs aluminum vinyl case is a stackable record case offering convenient storage and transport of up to 70 records.

    Thanks to a detachable lid and four rubber bottom feet, the aluminum vinyl case can be stacked on its own lid or aluminum case, The spring-loaded top handle and pad-lockable butterfly latch enable secure and easy carriage between gigs. Holds approximately 70 records, quantity depends on record thickness and packaging.  For vinyl record sizes up to 12", Approximately 13.8 x 13.3 x 9.5 inch of interior space, Interior fully line in foam, Recessed front latch with padlock loop, padlock available separately, Recessed heavy-duty, spring-loaded handle, detachable stacking lid, Four rubber feet on the bottom for stacking and grip Rounded protectors guard corners against damage.

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