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    Aluminum Hard Carry Storage Briefcase

    2021-07-01 15:51:25

    HQC is a factory with 10 years’ manufacturing experience and specializing in manufacturing all kinds of aluminum cases, including aluminum tool case, flight case,instrument case, medical case etc..Specially, the aluminum cases can be customized by size, color, logo and foam as customers’ request.
    Recently one of our simple aluminum briefcases is very popular among our customers. More details as below

    1.MATERIAL:The top and bottom is made of premium silver ABS panels ,silver aluminum frame , more stronger steel layer for the corners. Inside the case, there is a pocket in the lid for small articles and grey lining as base.Its external dimension is 13.6inch Length x 8.85 inch Width x 3.4 inch Height .Its weight is 3.47 pounds per piece

    2.SAFETY COMBINATION LOCKS: A pair of keys are provided to lock up the toolbox for security and safety if you end up holding valuables in there.

    3.UPGRADE VERSION MORE STRONGER CARRYING HANDLE : All of our goods comes with a very solid handle, sized for an adult, brings it all together nicely.

    4.RUBBER GUARDS DESIGN:The exterior body has rubber guards if you lay this case vertically or flat on the ground so that the aluminum doesn't get scratched.

    5.PERFECT FOR  ANY SCENES :You can carry around while doing work in the house or going to relatives homes to help with fixing up or repairing work. Carrying a laptop, headset, some magazines during travel or business trip inside the case is a good choice.
    This is just one of our popular aluminum briefcases. You can also design the case for your market by size, color, logo, accessories etc. There's always something for you from HQC case. Welcome to send us inquiry.

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