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    Advantages of aluminum alloy toolbox application

    2021-07-03 13:44:48

    The profile of the aluminum alloy toolbox is mainly an alloy configured with aluminum, magnesium, and silicon as the main elements, and the content of each element has a certain specified range. When used as a packaging transport or terminal packaging, it must be firmness first.

    Generally, aluminum plate, fireproof plate or ABS plate is used as the surface plate. In addition to being able to increase the robustness of the aluminum box, the surface plate must also be ornamental. Hardware: It takes up the smallest proportion in the aluminum alloy toolbox, but it is also a very important part of the aluminum alloy box.

    Advantages of aluminum alloy toolbox:

    1. The raw materials in the aluminum alloy toolbox include aluminum, so the packaging box is waterproof. This advantage is very important. For many products, waterproofing is an important step, so the function of the packaging box can be Achieve waterproof function. Aluminum alloy is durable in appearance and can have many patterns, so the appearance is very good.

    2. The price of aluminum alloy is not particularly expensive, so there is no need to spend a lot of money on the price. Such a condition is very good for many businesses. The cost is not large but the use is very important. The aluminum alloy toolbox has become a favorite packaging box for merchants. It is very well made in terms of functions and the price of manufacture is not very expensive. Therefore, it has been liked by many people. This is an important factor.

    For cross-border use of instruments and equipment by air, aluminum alloy toolboxes are indispensable. The outer box is made of all-aluminum frame, laminated aluminum plate and wood board. The box body is filled with high-density EVA foam, and the outer box body is hard. After repeated tests, the general sharp objects are not easy to penetrate. The high-density foam inside the box can fix the equipment, and the high-density shock-proof foam can be slotted according to the size of the equipment. The aluminum alloy toolbox is shock-proof, moisture-proof, and compressive, ensuring the integrity of equipment and other products during transportation, storage and transportation.